We take pride in taking the time to carryout a complete study on the project and all it's dependent elements. These include building and gathering client profiles,  project briefs, interior design considerations, building elements, product selection by client demonstration and more.  We then use years of experience in building reliable bespoke systems, and present a detailed proposal explaining the concept, application, usability, product information, detailed cost elements together with other details and recommendations. The proposal then goes through various cycles of fine-tuning and value engineering until it meets and exceeds all the requirements and the project’s budget.                                                        


Project Management

In-order to maintain our reputation for handing over every aspect of our projects on time and budget, we put great emphasis on closely project managing all parts of the process. A dedicated qualified project manager would be allocated to every project for oversight and as a constant point of contact with all the parties involved to ensure that the system is smoothly implemented as planned, on time and on budget. 


Support and Maintenance

Following completion of a project, we continue to support and maintain it to ensure a smooth operation. All our systems are monitored and supported through remote and/or on-site maintenance. Preventative measurers are also scheduled to ensure minimum downtime and highest level of reliability. All our completed projects come with a complementary support & maintenance period, once the complimentary period has come to an end, further support & maintenance packages can be acquired tailored to our client’s needs. 



Once our proposal is accepted, the design stage begins. Our ultimate aim is to design a  future proof system that not only matches the requirements, desires and visions of each of our clients, but also integrates seamlessly in their lifestyle. While working with all parties involved in the project (e.g. Architects, Interior Designers and other Contractors), a fully functioning system is designed to achieve the aims and objectives within the parameters set by all parties. Once all parties are in agreement, full design documentation are issued which include, detailed drawings of all aspects of the installation and system structure requirements, detailed specifications of equipment and devices, product and cabling schedules and etc...



A large proportion of our installation stage happens in our workshops where all assembly, setup, testing and programming can happen (ahead of final installation on-site) in a controlled virtual test environment. All racks and equipment are then safely packed, ready for delivery onsite.


On-site, all works on the relevant elements, which usually include cabling, joinery, speakers and touch-panel/keypads, are monitored and tested with faults reported and remedied - a final report is then issued and signed off prior to the final phase of installation which includes delivery of pre-assembled racks etc... 


With all the pre-planning, our on-site installation is always smooth and minimal with all the elements just plugging/clicking in, with occasional minor changes.